Moba PC Gaming Gear

Picked by Gamers. Designed for Moba

These are some of our best picks and recommendations for all MOBA gamers out there. Looking to boost your gaming experience? Head down to our list below.

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Razer Naga Hex is by far my personal favourite mouse for moba gaming. I have been using this for 3 years now.

6 side buttons for 6 item slots. What more could you asked for?

I highly recommend using Razer Naga Hex for your Moba gaming. It does take a few games to get used to, and I personally made more mis-clicks than I could ever imagined. Once you break that barrier, this would be your best gaming companion!

Logitech G602 has been in my wish list for quiet sometimes and If I ever require wireless moba setup, G602 will be my first pick.

Like the Razer Naga Hex, it has 6 side buttons for quick items activation.

I highly recommend using LG G602 if you are in the search for wireless alternative.

Razer Vespula has been my number one recommendation for a gaming mouse mat.

Its one of the few out there that is hard and versatile. This is perfect for playing on the bed, or anywhere uneven. The 2 side surface types (Control and Speed) gives options for different type of games.

I mainly use the Speed side for moba gaming as it requires quick response from the high speed hand motions.

Some might say its a little bit too small (11.8 x 9.4 x 0.2 inches), this one fits right for me. Especially with the speed surface, I rarely even use half of the mat. And on the plus side, it fits perfectly in the laptop bag!

I highly recommend Vespula boost your gaming mouse experience and better controls.

Razer Tartarus is one of its kind. All of the key buttons are programmable, and your short cut key can be set the way you want. The advantage with this is, you can pack all the "Back to Base" button, "Buy" buttons closer than you could with a normal keyboard. I would recommend you to use this in combinations with the Razer Naga.

The only downside to me, you will still need a keyboard for chat purposes, but thats not too much of a deal since a keyboard always is there in the first place.

I recommend you to try it, it might change the way you play moba!